Digital examinations - Now with ILIAS 7

The examination platform EA-Flex now appears in the new ILIAS 7 look, too!
With a new design and some new functions we start into the summer term 2022!
Especially the navigation has changed. Therefore, please download the package insert via the link below and read it carefully.
Once you have logged in, you can also start the Guided Tour, which will guide you through the most important functions of the navigation.
NEW question types:
From now on you can use more question types for your online exams. The cloze question and the Kprim question are now available for you to choose from. The Tiny Editor in the question field can now also be used.
Click on the "Newsblog" tile on the left after logging in to find out more!
To all supervisors!
Please prepare yourself for your role as a supervisor during the distance examinations. Please attend our webinar on the topic and consult the support centre under "Organisation der Prüfung" -> "Support in der Prüfung".
Leaflet - Exams with ILIAS 7


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Schulungen für Prüfer*innen

As an examiner or involved person, you can expand your knowledge of digital teaching and digital exams in our webinars. Become an expert!

Tipp für Studierende

In order to prevent technical difficulties and problems during the exam in the best possible way, there is our section Information for students. Log in and have a look!

Sprechstunden für Prüfer*innen

Examiners and people involved in the preparation of exams can easily get in touch with the CCE's e-exams team.
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